Lodi Grape Bowl Getting a Facelift

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We all know that our beloved Lodi Grape Bowl has always been a place that has provided many happy memories, especially for those that have had their high school graduation ceremony there.

We also know that the facility has needed a facelift for quite some time now.  The bleachers were dated.  The field was bland.  The landscaping was less than desirable and the concession stand and announcers booth showed plenty of signs of wear and tear.

Unfortunately one of the main problems was that the Lodi Grape Bowl wasn’t exactly disabled-friendly.

Well, most, if not all of that, is now finally changing thanks to a $2 million make-over.

Photo Courtesy of: CALIXTRO ROMIAS/The Record

Although there has been much progress there is still more work to be done both on the facility as well as on the legalities of the use of it.  Hopefully all the wrinkles will be ironed out soon because a line is starting to form with people, groups, etc., wanting to use this location for all sorts of venues including a possible concert.

It’s improvements like this that I think will continue to bring more people to Lodi, which will in turn perhaps help the Lodi real estate market.  More people equals more homes for sale that just might be finding a buyer.

Count me in!

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200,000 Renters Sent Packing

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According to DSNews.com as published in the August issue of California Real Estate magazine, there was a study released by a group called Tenants Together.

The group focuses on renter’s rights and th


Image by Getty Images via @daylife

eir study states 37 percent of California’s foreclosed residential properties involved renters and effected an estimated 200,000 residents, many of whom were displaced, which is a nice way of saying they were given their walking papers, which is a nice way of saying they were evicted from their homes.

Unfortunately I have seen this first-hand while working with Short Sales in Stockton, Lodi and the surrounding areas.  It’s never a good day when families are being asked to leave (evicted) from their homes even though they may have been paying their rent on time, but perhaps the owner of their home wasn’t paying the mortgage.

Once the owner stops paying their mortgage, soon after they have to decide whether to let the home be foreclosed on by the bank or to try and do a Short Sale, but either way the renter loses out and has to find another place to live.

At Realty World-Davis Homes & Properties, we try to be advocates for all parties involved in any situation if we can.  If you have questions, then most likely we have answers.  We highly recommend that anyone facing foreclosure or a short sale of their home to always seek the advice of a CPA as well as a real estate attorney.

Don’t just “wait and see what happens”.  Be sure to seek professional assistance to get a fully informed as you can.

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Where’s YOUR Magic 8-Ball?

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You can pick any magazine, newspaper or online news page, and see what the “experts” are foreseeing next for the real estate market.

I sure wish I had my Magic 8-Ball six years ago when I bought my new home, that’s for sure!  Who knew that there would be such a crisis that would cause so many Short Sales in Stockton and so many other cities across the nation?  Did the banks know?  Did their investors know?

Will the market bounce back?

Well if you’re looking to move in the near future, here’s another article I found with a list of Top 10 Improved Housing Markets by the year 2014.  This might be a good thing to know, or just another fortune teller looking to get their name in print.

CLICK HERE to view the Top 10.

Leave a comment telling us what you think the next 3-5 years holds for our local Stockton, Lodi real estate markets.

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Fully Furnished Home For Only $17k?

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Can you believe this?  I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true.  But it’s not.

More and more people have turned to purchasing mobile homes in the last few years, because that was all they could afford.  But now that home prices have fallen so much that it’s actually within reach again to purchase a home in the Lodi and Stockton real estate markets without having to give your body organs as collateral.

However, you’ll be steadfast to find a home, especially a FURNISHED home, in this price range unless grandma is selling to you and doesn’t know what her home is really worth.

The sellers of this charming little home are moving away to be closer to family and enjoy a more ‘mobile’ life than what their current residence provides them.

Their home is located in a quiet, cute little park on E. Lockeford St. in Lodi, CA.

Price Too Low To Pass Up!

We have many homes for sale in Lodi, but not too many at this low of a price, and certainly not ones that are fully furnished as well.

There’s also an electric GEM car up for bid too if you’re interested.

Make it a great day!

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Video Tour of Lake Property For Sale

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I wanted to share with you a short 2 1/2 minute video I did with my Flip HD camera while driving around the backyard and around the ‘lake-like’ pond on the beautiful estate property I have for sale in the Lodi, CA real estate market.  It’s not even a Short Sale in Lodi.

This is one spectacular property, but with TWO homes located on it.  If you’ve wanted to live like a King, but didn’t want the responsibility that goes along with being one, then this is YOUR castle!

Reminds me of Mayberry

I’m showing the home to a local attorney tomorrow and I know she’s going to fall in love with the main home itself.  But once she sees the grounds she’s gonna go Lady Gaga over it.      (I just made that up on the fly)  Ha!

CLICK HERE to see the video and enjoy the view.  (Get it?)

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Lakefront Living in Your Own Backyard?

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Have you ever wanted to take a trip to the mountains, but didn’t know where to go or where you’d stay once you got there?  How about if you could go everyday, but all you had to do was walk outside into your own backyard…

Enjoy your own lake-like pond!

Forget the vacation and enjoy your STAYcation!

For more information about this wonderful Lodi, CA property with two homes on site…CLICK HERE.

There are many unique properties in the Lodi real estate market, but none are as ready to give you that country-like living and still be as close to town as this one.

Life is good!

Beautifully Unique and Ready for Viewing

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Get ready to fall in love with this wonderful 4.3 acre property with two homes on site.  The custom-built main home is incredible, and the rear of the property is breath-taking.  This is one of the newest homes listed in the Lodi, CA real estate market that offers a unique opportunity for rural living, but still close enough to town to not feel too isolated.

For a quick panoramic view of the front of the property, CLICK HERE.  Stay tuned for ongoing posts with more videos and photos.  Wait until you see the tour of the beautiful large pond.

It Always Amazes Me!

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I was showing a home this morning in the Stockton real estate market to some wonderful clients of mine, and it always amazes me the things some people will leave behind when they move out of their homes.

You don't love me anymore?

This sectional, baby’s playpen, and MANY other items were just left behind at this home and I feel like holding a yard sale and donating all the proceeds to charity.  The thing is that it all still belongs to the current homeowner even though they seemingly have abandoned the home and all it’s contents.

Another thing they didn’t take with them was the awful odor that is lingering on throughout the home.  Especially in the garage where I believe they housed a cat or two.  :-/

It’s difficult sometimes to get clients to look beyond a home in such disarray to picture what it would look like in its cleaned up state.

I really feel for the homeowners that are being forced to make such drastic changes in their lives due to the current situation in the Stockton real estate market.  The number of Short Sales in Stockton seem to be increasing, but leaving behind so much furniture, exercise equipment, personal appliances, clothing, toys, etc., when a Short Sale is the option, is still a mystery to me.

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Be Careful Exercising Your Independence

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I hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend!  Yesterday was our country’s celebration of independence.  But what about our financial independence?

When the banks have ‘bad debt’, they write it off.  When a business or corporation has a ‘bad debt’, write it off.  BUT when a homeowner has a ‘bad debt’, just writing it off ain’t gonna happen.

Mortgage debt
Image via Wikipedia

A lot of people who can afford to stay in their homes are just saying good-bye to them  and their mortgages by exercising their freedom of choice and just walking away from their financial responsibilities.  This is commonly referred to as Strategic Foreclosure or Strategic Default.

So, what’s a honest homeowner to do when they’re home is now worth much less than they paid for it only a few short years ago?  Well, before you just get up and walk away you should definitely consult with a real estate attorney, a good Realtor, and also a CPA to find out what options and legal consequences you’ll have depending on your choices and situation.

You could let the bank foreclose, or you could Short Sale your home.  REOs and Short Sales in Stockton and surrounding areas are the bulk of what’s on the market these days.  Just look around and I’m sure you’ll see For Sale signs up and down many streets in your own neighborhood.

Walking away from your home that’s “under water” (worth less than you owe) instead of trying to work with your bank(s) or having a Realtor short sale it for you, could actually leave you in deep water.

Here is some more specific information about this…CLICK HERE.

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Happy Father’s Day…A Brief History…

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The Father’s Day concept was originally introduced by an American Christian woman named Sonar Louise Smart to honor her dad, Henry Jackson Smart. In United States Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year and today is that day.

Father’s Day is celebrated to honor fathers and acknowledge the love and care that they showed all these years raising their children in the best possible way.

Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers and fathering is very important stage in a person’s life. Some Famous Father’s Day quotes are:

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”
~ Sigmund Freud

“Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices calling him Father!”
~ Lydia M. Child

“If the new American father feels bewildered and even defeated, let him take comfort from the fact that whatever he does in any fathering situation has a fifty percent chance of being right.”
~ Bill Cosby

From all of us at Realty World, we hope you have a very Happy Father’s Day!

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